After facing a life long struggle with dyslexia I wanted to share my story and experiences with children and young adults who share the same challenges. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that makes it harder to recognize and interpret written words. It can damage self-esteem and cause young people to doubt their abilities even though they may be exceptionally intelligent. In my experience, dyslexia has been a gift just as much as it has been a challenge. It has allowed me to use my brain a different way and see the world from a fresh perspective. We should jump for joy, in many we are more clever than our more “traditional reading” counterparts. We see things differently.
I take great joy in visiting schools and telling my story. I have spoken with students in the US and Ireland and shared my story of hope and triumph. I help them realize that they are not alone and with help and perseverance they can adapt and overcome the obstacles that are holding them back from reaching their potential.

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